Selecting Proper Paint Color For Living Room with Black Furniture

Special tricks are needed to arrange a living room with black or dark-colored furniture in order to be better in look and get harmonized result between the room and the furniture. In addition, the living room is very often used as the center room of all activities done by members of family, such as resting, […]

Modern Lighting Fixtures for Living Room

To make your living room more luxurious, you can illuminate your living room with home lighting fixtures that are affordable and effective. You can choose decorative lighting to adorning your living room. This tips will give you an inspiration in designing your light fixtures in your living room. First, you should choose between decorative or […]

Modern Interior Design for Small Living Rooms in Apartment

If you have small apartment, it is quite tricky to manage your room interiors because the limitation of the space. Every room interiors should be arranged appropriately in order not to make the effect of untidy and looks smaller, including your small living room in your apartment. Actually, it is easy to get a modern […]

How to Decorate Living Room with Fireplace and TV on Opposite Walls

As a home’s main spot for entertaining, a living room should be stylish, comfortable and inviting. A feature like a fireplace can help give your living room a warm atmosphere, but it is not always easy to know the best way to incorporate it in your design, such as with your television. Depending on the […]

Best Hanging and Standing Room Divider for Living Room

House with a small space can be a problem for some people. Because of that, people will feel confuse on how to separate the rooms which are suitable to their functions. However, now people can use dividers to divide their small house size into several rooms, including the living room.You can place the dividers in […]