Decoration for Small Living Room and Dining Room Combo

If your house has a small space, it is good ideas to combine several rooms become one. It is interesting if you can combine your living room with dining room close to it. If you want to do so, it is important if you read this article. We will give smart idea on how to decorate your small living room and dining room combo. Although a small dining and living room combination may be a challenge to design and arrange, careful planning and execution can have your space looking stylish and ready to entertain. So, let’s take a look to these tips.

First, you should design your living room. Use graph paper to design your dining and living room combo and play around with furniture placement. You can separate spaces for the dining and living room by placing the furniture in a functional arrangement. You can put your television on a corner stand in one of the corners and the coffee table in front of your couch.

Next, you should concern to the color of your living room and dining room. It is better if you use light-colored paint, such as white, cream or pastels, that will help enlarge the room. Do not forget to keep the colors in the living room and the dining room to maintain continuity and avoid awkward paint clashes.

The third is lighting. Lighting is a very important element in a small area because the lighter the room is, the larger it will feel. You can place decorative lamps in each corner of the living room area, even if there is an overhead light already installed. Light the entire dining area with an overhead light that matches the design of the room.

The other thing is do not make your small living room and dining room look smaller Instead, go big. You can maintain the separation of the dining and living areas by using different yet coordinated curtains in each space. Keep the room clear because just a few out-of-place items can make it feel crowded and untidy.

After you read this article, you can start to decorate your living room and dining room combo. It is not a big problem if you do some creative ideas like in this article. Soon you will get your wonderful living room and dining room combo in your house.

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