Decoration Ideas For Large Open Living Room and Kitchen

If you do not have a quite wide area for two rooms, such as a living room and kitchen, you can combine your living room and kitchen to be single room. Whereas they are united to be single room, both of them still have their own functions. It is just a trick to economize the area in order to become two useful rooms that can be enjoyed by members of family inside the house. It will not be looked too small and too narrow. Instead, this combination shows harmony between the two rooms. This concept is usually used for traditional style houses. Meanwhile, it can also bring more modern effect for some houses.

Such combination does not need a wall divider that separates the two rooms. The divider will increase the cost and give a narrower effect for the house. However, the combination needs different floors to make the two rooms more alive. For example, you can use decorative wooden floor for your kitchen, and a carpet that is suitable with color paint of your living room.

Next, you can use different styles to be applied in your living room and your kitchen while they are already united. It is for emphasizing that your living room has to be more better in look rather than your kitchen. It is because your living room will surely be more often visited by the members of the family or the guests and your kitchen is more private than the living room.

Choosing colors that are suitable for both rooms also need to do. If the living room uses neutral colors, the kitchen also should use the same colors. Do not use different colors that can overlap the colors of both rooms. It will be weird to be looked at.

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