How to Decorate a Living Room with Tile Floors

Tile floors are usually easy to clean. They also have various kinds of styles and can fit every budget. On the other hand, tile floors can also feel cold and making a living room seem uninviting. However, you can decorate your living room in such a way so that it can make the room a place your family and friends will appreciate and enjoy. It is better if you use tiles in warm colors with some texture and style. These warm colors will make your living room feel lighter and add visual interest. Meanwhile, dark tiles can make the room feel oppressive and make your living room seem smaller.

The first thing you need to do is to choose a decor style that is appropriate for tile flooring. Tile floors keep the home cool so that it is commonly used in warm climates. They look natural and add to the design of your living room.

You are also suggested to paint the walls in warm colors, such as yellows or oranges. Bright and sunny colors are suitable with tile floors. Furthermore, you can use large area rugs and carpet runners to add softness, comfort and style. It is better if you match the color of the wall with the carpet. Do not use a round rug that will break up the repetitive line pattern of the tile.

Another thing is you should light your living room with indirect lighting. It will make the room full with lots of warm. You can also use thin curtains in light colors which is suitable with the color of the tile floors in to filter light into the room and soften any harsh shadows.

The last thing is related to furniture. It is very nice if you fill the space with rustic wood furniture and comfortable couches. If you use tall narrow furniture, it will make the room seems taller and wide because of the tile floors. You can also accessorize your tile floors living room with plants, candles, books and artwork to make the room cozy. The combination of the accessories and the tile floors will give a nice effect to the living room.

Using tile floors in your living room is one of the best choices. They will make your living room seems larger and brings a cool sensation in the warm climates. Now, you can try to decorate your living room with tile floors based on the tips that this article has suggested and you will get a new appearance of your living room.

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