Selecting Proper Paint Color For Living Room with Black Furniture

Special tricks are needed to arrange a living room with black or dark-colored furniture in order to be better in look and get harmonized result between the room and the furniture. In addition, the living room is very often used as the center room of all activities done by members of family, such as resting, relaxing, reading newspaper, drinking tea, watching TV, and chatting. Hence, the tricks are really needed in the arrangement of the living room with dark-colored furniture in order not to give horrifying effect. One of things that needs to do is coloring the wall in order not to increase dark sense due to the furniture. The following colors are colors that might be suitable with black or dark-colored furniture.

Red Paint Color
Red on your living room wall which is blended with black furniture will give elegant and modern images. Furthermore, red is identified as spirit and braveness. This will help the owner of the house to be optimistic, open-minded, brave, and energetic to do things.

Blue Paint Color
Combination between black furniture and blue paint on the wall will emerge an impression that can reduce dark effect from the furniture. It is because blue brings peace and calm effect, such as the color of sky and sea.

Black Paint Color
Black on the wall, in fact, will give eccentric image for your living room if combined with black furniture. Black might result something sweet and high-class. This color may emerge mysterious image but still elegant that is very cozy to be visited.

White Paint Color
White is the most common color that we face in houses. Beside giving wide and bright effects, white can give simple, minimalist and neutral images. White wall is very flexible if combined with any kinds of furniture, including black or dark-colored furniture.

Brown Paint Color
Brown wall can give a sweet and elegant effect. Mysteriousness that is generated by dark-colored furniture will be reduced gently by the sweet effect from the brown. This color can also give natural effect for your living room. If you want to decorate the wall with brown paint, try to give an effect from other colors in order not to be too monotonous.

Those are colors that can be choices for your living room wall with dark-colored furniture. The furniture does not always give dark effect if you are able to combine it with proper wall paint perfectly.

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