Decorating Your Living Room With Plants

A living room with plants can be said as a mini garden inside the house that beautifies the living room more and more. This room can be changed into an amazing garden. It can make many eyes fresher while looking at it. As many people know, green is a symbol of coolness because many trees are green. By looking trees, our eyes are usually freshened and our mind are usually calmed. For you who have not enough money to create your own garden outside your house, creating a mini garden in your living room is the good choice.

Decorating a living room with plants are not just about putting some plants in unorganized spots. It needs sense of art from the decorator. Using flowers is the most common way that is done by the decorator in decorating the living room. Then you can add other elements, such as photo frames, paintings, and other adornment, as supporting things to make your living room completed. The flower will give a harmony that increases the aesthetic of the room. The flower can also bring freshness in the room due to the blossoming of the flower. The colors of the flower have to be paid attention in order not to overlap with paint and furniture colors.

While choosing the plant to be used as supporting decoration in your living room, you need to choose proper plants that is suitable with your taste and the type of your living room. It can be done by taking a look at the plant visually. You also have to know how to take care for the plant. For example, if the plant needs the sunlight directly, it is better to place it near the opened windows. For the plant which needs much water, you can fill the water inside the pot of the plant. Those are useful ideas that can help you to decorate your living room with plants.

Neutral Color Ideas For A Living Room

A living room is one of rooms in your house that has an important function for entire family inside the house. The function is to gather between members of family and do collective activities that are done by the family. In order to increase the beauty of the room, it is better to choose proper colors for your living room. The colors do not have to be glaring colors, but you can choose neutral colors so that you can other furniture or adornment which have various colors without overlapping each other.

Choosing the neutral colors for the living room needs more attention in order not to be bored for the people inside it. Combination of black and white is very good to be chosen as the colors for the living room. The colors will make your living room more special. They can be blended with other colors which are non-neutral, such as blue, yellow, and red. While planning to use such combination, you need to choose the color that will be dominant for your living room, whether black or white. Then you can choose furniture and adornment with neutral colors, too, in order to give elegant and classy effects.

Other neutral colors are grey and cream. These colors are also popular as the dominant colors in most living rooms. It is easy to find other colors that are fitted to be combined for the entire room. Perhaps, there is a weakness of using these neutral colors. Many people consider that the neutral colors are not as fascinating as non-neutral or bright colors. However, you can handle this problem by choosing colorful furniture and adornment.

Neutral colors are common to be used in traditional living rooms. Meanwhile, this can be replaced if you choose furniture that is very modern nowadays to be put in your living room. Hence, neutral colors are not always considered old-fashioned, vintage, and traditional. The use of such colors can also bring sense of modernness in your living room.

Living Room Wall Decorating Ideas On A Budget

If you want to make over your living room walls, but you just have a little budget, it is still possible to change your living room more wonderful. We’ve got plenty of ideas to help transform your living room that won’t involve without spending a fortune or bringing in the experts. Take a look at our design ideas for decorating a living room on a budget. And soon you will get your new living room walls.

The first thing you should do is to decorate your living room walls. You can paint your walls as a cheap and easy solution. Use a light, warm tone to open up your space. Try to paint your walls with a stark white color, or use a lighter shade on the walls to make your low ceiling seems higher. It is better if you do not use dark color for your walls in order to make your living room seems wider.

Second, you can use wall stickers for your living room walls. Choose big, bold designs, and use them to accentuate features such as a fireplace, or create borders for artwork or mirrors. Besides, by using wall stickers as your living room wall decoration is a great decorating option because they are affordable and easy to apply. You can take down the wall stickers easily if you want to decorate with other ornaments.

Next, you can hang a large mirror in your living room walls. Mirror can increase light to make your living room more shining. Mirrors can transform a small, dark room into a space that feels lighter, bigger and more open. It is better if you hang the mirror opposite windows to reflect more light into your room. Besides, you can place the mirror behind accessories, such as candles or flowers to enhance their effect.

The last thing is you can hang artworks in your living rooms walls to make your living rooms livelier. Artwork brings color and sets the mood of a room. By hanging some new paintings or prints can change the tone of your living space. You can also experiment with various kinds of frames.

Therefore, it is easy to decorate your living room walls only with a little budget. You can choose affordable interiors with good qualities and conditions to make your living room more wonderful. By applying a little effort from this article you will get your new living room walls design.

Decorating Tips for Living Room with Cowhide Rug

Cowhides have a beautiful look and feel. Furthermore, it will be good if you put a cowhide rug in your living room. Cowhide rugs have proven themselves to be both a classic and modern decorating element in all types of homes. If you doubt that they could not fit into your decorating plan, do not be worry because cowhide rugs have their own beauty that will make your living room becomes magnificent. These are some ideas that you can do to decorate your living room with cowhide rug.

The first thing is cowhide rugs are a great choice for high-traffic areas or homes with small children. The reason is because cowhide rugs are naturally stain-resistant. You can put the cowhide rugs in everywhere according to your preference, such as under the sofa and table. They will fit your decoration, so you do not be worry if your cowhide rug will make your living room looks untidy.

Besides, cowhide rugs can soften the lines of your living room furniture. They will make a perfect choice for mid century modern-decorated homes. Cowhide rugs will bring a nuance of elegant and classic. However, they can also bring modernity at the same time. It is also good for your minimalist interior living room.

The next idea is you can try contrasting dark wood floors with a pale cowhide rug. It will highlight the dark wood floors rich color. Natural color of cowhide rugs can be the right choice. It will reduce the dark nuance from the floors dark colors.

You can mix more traditional elements with a cowhide rug to add an eclectic feel to your living room. Natural materials interiors, such as bamboo and wood, are very nice to add a shade of nature. An alternative to carpet, cowhide rugs not only look amazing in your living room, they also provide warmth and coziness for your family members.

The last thing is it is suggested if you choose a glass-topped table that will show off the rug’s pattern. It will highlight the rug and do not cover the surface of your cowhide rugs. Besides, the glass-topped table is also very artistic for your living room interior.

Therefore, cowhide rugs can also be a right choice for you in decorating your living room. They are very artistic and easy to maintain because of their materials. So, you can make over your living room interior become classy and fabulous just by using cowhide rugs.

Ideas on Designing Marble Flooring for Living Room

One of the good choices for your floor is marble floor. This type of floor brings elegant effect to your living room. Today marble floor is very popular because of its durability, convenience, and the way it can evoke a variety of looks. The using of marble floor will also appeal for the modern home. Below are some marble floor patterns that you can choose for your living room.

The first is marble floors with colorful colors will be visually interesting for your family members and guests. It will bring cheerfulness to your family. Colorful marble floors also can make your living room livelier. Then other choice is marble floors with black and white patterns. It will bring modern nuance to your living room. It is very suitable with you who have minimalist design house.

Another idea is you can make your marble patterns that are mimicked in other areas of the room, such as lighting fixtures. It will give an elegant effect to your living room with those kinds of marble floors. Besides, large marble tiles can create a warm, sleek effect in a living space. It will make your living room seems larger and clear.

Do not forget that marble floors tile can create an exotic effect, especially when featured in eclectic living rooms. Marble floors tile with many colors will add interest in your living room. Furthermore, marble floors tile are ideal for living room which is featuring wooden accents. It will give a natural nuance to your living room.

The last is you can choose cream and white marble floors. It is also perfect for your living rooms. This combination of colors is suitable to every type of your living room decoration. Marble floor tile with this combination colors can look modern when featured in contemporary spaces. In the right lighting, these marble floors almost seem to dimly glow.

Thus, those are some ideas that you can apply to your living room with marble floors. You can adjust your marble floors with your walls and interiors colors. Hoping that this article will give you inspiration on designing your living room becomes a marvelous rooms that you ever have.